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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Ingress thoughts from The Wizard

IMO - NIANTIC need to address in this order and soon:

  1. IITC level of intel with API for 3rd party plugins that are made available via NIANTIC and are vetted to weed out total cheat plugins (like scrapers).
  2. Improved key management - particularly the likes of a 
    1. "sort by percentage of energy left" option (allow you to recharge all the portals you have keys for that are nearly dead)
    2. "sort by team ownership" - shifting all opposition keys to one half for easier recycling/capping/etc.
    3. Compound sorts - e.g. "sort by % energy and then by distance"
  3. Make this improved key management sorting & existing sorts available within capsule management.
  4. Make the interface slightly more suitable for mobile devices:
    1. Increase the size of the + & - buttons in various functions so that they are in line with other button sizes. 
    2. For recycling screen - place the quantity recycled, XM returned, and the "exceeds XM" notification ABOVE the +/-'s insanity how they are below it so your finger hides the info.
    3. Change capsule management so that there isn't a LOAD and UNLOAD function - it should simply be a "MANAGE" function - plus adds items, minus removes items.
  5. If guardian simply must be - they need to introduce fortification options above and beyond shields e.g.
    1. Mods that allow for recharge amplification - reduce amount of XM required to recharge a portal and increase the speed.
    2. Mods that allow an individual to increase the total energy of a portal.
    3. Maybe some form of portal levelling (above the res based levelling) - with extra functions exposed as it levels.
Anyone want to make a game with me?

Some more thoughts:
I'd also love if NIANTIC could include the ability to add your own metadata (tags) to objects.
Primarily for portals that then resolve to any keys that you acquire for said portals and also other objects such as capsules if it wasn't a stretch (imagine being able to tag yo
ur capsules?).
As the naming is all over the place, when trying to find keys for suburb/location/area X (or prime example is Kings Park in Western Australia *rolls eyes*) - you have to go through ALL of your keys to find and get rid of them.
From what I can gather - a shedload of the interface is actually calls to a variety of web servers and based on web - probably XML which would be super easy to implement individual tagging with. Heck - even if it stored on your own say GDrive account (so as to avoid chewing up NIANTIC's specific servers data storage and network limitations). imagine being able to send off a web call to specific services to look for data (such as Gdrive/Dropbox/etc) for your own personalisation of the portal & object data.
If you could tag and then sort by tags, would make life so much easier.
Also if you could recycle and perform other bulk tasks using tags. Oh my god, imagine that.
Recycle tag L1TOL6BURSTERS - a couple of taps on the screen and you're off item cap.
Or Recylce KINGSPARKKEYS, CBDKEYS, etc. - boom. Cleared.

Mandala el Ubby

Mandala el Ubby
Acrylic on canvas ~75cm x 75cm

Lateralus Vinyl Picture Disc

Lateralus Vinyl Picture Disc
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