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Monday, 22 April 2013

"Cisco Desktop Administrator is locked by another user" - version 8.0.2

As always - use this information at your own risk and follow standard change management policy.

When you are attempting to modify Agent's workflow groups in Cisco Desktop Administrator, navigating to "Personnel" > "Agents" and you're presented with an error message stating someone is already logged in:

"Cisco Desktop Administrator is locked by another user. You cannot save any changes at this time. Wait until the other user logs out or until that user's session times out (inactive for 15 mins)"

This could be the case, that someone already is logged in.
In which case, have them log off and try again.

If you know for sure that nobody else is logged in - then you can use the "Force-Release CDA Lock" option.
"Services Configuration" > "Force-Release CDA Lock"
You might get the pop-up about it being locked by another user - simply click OK to it and then on the screen that loads, simply click "Release Lock".
Worked for me.

NOTE: I've read elsewhere that restarting "Cisco Desktop License and Resource Manager Service" service in Serviceability fixes it. It did NOT fix it for me - even restarting said service on both Publisher and Subscriber made no difference - I had to use the Release Lock function.
I've also read that restarting the publisher service would resolve the issue - I have not tried this and don't recommend it as a first step to resolution.

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