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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Windows Live Messenger (Essentials) keeps getting logged out under Windows 8 - particularly after PC has been locked

Installed Windows 8 Enterprise on my work laptop - proceeded to install Windows Live Essentials (including Live Messenger).

Everything seemed to be going along just fine, but for some reason Windows Live Messenger would randomly log me out.
This would happen while I was in the middle of using it....strange!
When I locked the PC for long enough that the screen went black - it would do it every time.

I confirmed that it wasn't power settings - nothing was switching off apart from the monitor.
But I knew the issue wasn't power related as it would happen while I was using the PC and in the middle of messaging.
The times it did it were varied - sometimes it was every 30 seconds, other times it would last a few minutes.
I checked all the usual 'this will fix it' forum post suggestions such as firewall or anti-virus..none of them were to blame.

Anyway - in the end - the solution was to un-install Messaging (Metro/Windows UI tile application).

I did this (from the Desktop) by pressing the Start key to bring up the Metro/Windows UI screen, right clicked on 'Messaging' tile then clicked on 'Un-install' at the bottom of the screen.

It prompted me (from memory) that in order to do that it had to un-install 'Mail' and 'People'.

I thought - woah - what's this about.
Before going ahead - I tried the Messaging client.
I quite liked it over Live Messenger - but it is clearly aimed at tablet use and I couldn't have it up and running on one monitor while working on the other. I was able to move it to another monitor - but then it shifted my Metro/Windows UI main screen. Bottom line - unless I have a Surface or tablet of some sort - I'm not going to use it...I prefer Live Messenger if I have to use the MS messaging service (I prefer GTalk but have to use Live Messenger for comms with other work folk).
Anyway - as I use Outlook and the Live Messenger client, I didn't need 'Mail','People', or 'Messaging' - as such I went back and proceeded with the un-install.

Since removing 'Messaging' - Windows Live Messenger has not signed me out randomly - and doesn't sign me out after locking the PC anymore.... SOLVED!

PS. This post will likely only be valid for a short while as Microsoft (thankfully) are decommissioning the Live Messenger service.

Anyway - hope this helps someone else.

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