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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 has no Start Menu

That's actually wrong IMO.

The Start screen (Metro/Windows UI) IS the Start menu.
Embrace's a wonderful thing.

I've moved across to Win 8 and am really happy with it in its natural form.
I have no intentions of installing customisations to recreate the 'Start menu'.

One of the biggest mistakes I made from Win 95/98 up until half way through my XP life is clinging to the old Start Menu.
Once I actually used the newer start menus for each Win OS going forward - I realised that MS had input a lot of time and money to IMPROVE the "Start" menu with each iteration.
The "Start" screen is the next evolution of this and is really cool and nifty. So much more customisable than the old Start menus.
You can even put 'Administrative Tools' on the Start Screen (see my guide here: )

The Start screen appears so quickly and disappears just as quickly with a press of the Start key on my keyboard.
Funny how it behaves like THE START MENU. Sheeesh people - get over it and move on.
Change is as good as a holiday and man I'm really enjoying the new OS.

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