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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Facebook (aka Stalkbook) "Max number of upload retries exceeded: Error #2032"

When trying to upload some measly image to Stalkbook - it failed with some gripe about "Max number of upload retries exceeded: Error #2032"

After forgetting all of my IT knowledge on PC problems, I searched Google and such high and low.
All the results were on spammy half baked "sign up" sites and others with little or no useful info.

Then I had a moment of sudden realisation and clarity... I hear the voice of Roy (IT Crowd) in my head "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"... to which I answered.. "Now that I come to think of it!"

SOLVED: I restarted my PC and then it stopped being a bitch and worked

Magic shit the old Service Desk 101 turning it off and on again trick.. annoying if you have a million things open all the time like I do but it works so meh.

Just for your info - the Facebook potentially useful tips on resolving your image related Stalkbook issues is located here...
Of note - it states that "We recommend the photo does not exceed 15MB" - so unless you're uploading mammoth pictures from your super deluxe DSLR... it shouldn't be an issue for actual size but worth noting.


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Mandala el Ubby
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Lateralus Vinyl Picture Disc
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