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Friday, 29 April 2011

UCCX v8 services descriptions

An exact copy and paste from this Cisco document:  (page 11)

The following are the individual CAD services that are installed on the Unified CCX server as part of the Unified CCX installation.

Agent E-Mail Service (Cisco Desktop Agent E-Mail Service (Agent E-Mail service))
The Agent E-Mail service supports the handling and managing of e-mails for a contact center's agents and supervisors. It provides the basic set of features for receiving e-mails from customers, distributing them to agents to service customer requests, sending responses from the contact center to the customer, and reporting on e-mail activity.

Call/Chat Service (Cisco Desktop Call/Chat Service (Call/Chat service))
The Call/Chat service acts as a message broker between the Call/Chat clients and Supervisor Desktop. It is in constant communication with all agent and supervisor desktops.
Agents’ desktops inform the Call/Chat service of all call activity. The service, in turn, sends this information to all appropriate supervisors. It also facilitates the sending of text chat and team performance messages between agents (excluding IP Phone agents) and supervisors.

Directory Services
The LDAP Monitor service and the LRM service register with Directory Services at startup. All other services use the LRM service to determine how to connect to each other.
The majority of the agent, supervisor, team, and skill information is kept in Directory Services. Most of this information is imported from Unified CCX and kept synchronized by the Sync (Synchronization) service. Directory Services is also used to hold the configuration information administered via Desktop Administrator.

Enterprise Service (Cisco Desktop Enterprise Service (Enterprise service))
The Enterprise service tracks calls in the system. It is used to attach IVR-collected data to a call in order to make it available at the Agent Desktop. It also provides real-time call history.

BIPPA Service (Cisco Browser and IP Phone Agent Service (BIPPA service))
The BIPPA service enables IP phone agents to log in and out of Unified CCX, change agent states, and enter reason codes and wrap-up data without having the Agent Desktop software.
This service works in conjunction with the Services feature of Unified CME and supported Cisco IP phones. It is also used to hold the configuration information administered via Desktop Administrator. CAD-BE agents use this service to interact with the other services.

LDAP Monitor Service (Cisco Desktop LDAP Monitor Service (LDAP Monitor service))
The LDAP Monitor service starts Directory Services and then monitors it to ensure that it keeps running. It also sets up the configuration for LDAP replication, and resynchronizes LDAP data.

LRM Service (Cisco Desktop Licensing and Resource Manager Service (LRM service))
The LRM service distributes licenses to clients and oversees the health of the CAD services. All other CAD services, except the LDAP Monitor service, register themselves with the LRM service so that clients can locate them.

Recording Service (Cisco Desktop Recording Service (Recording service))
The Recording service extends the capabilities of the VoIP Monitor service by allowing supervisors and agents to record and play back calls.

Recording and Statistics Service (Cisco Desktop Recording and Statistics Service (Recording and Statistics service))
The Recording and Statistics service maintains a 1-day history of agent and team statistics, such as average time an agent is in a particular agent state, last login time, number of calls an agent has received. It maintains a rolling 7-day history of recordings (unless they are saved, in which case they are saved for 30 days).

Sync Service
The Sync service connects to Unified CCX via ACMI and retrieves agent, supervisor, team, and skill information. It then compares the information with the information in Directory Services and adds, updates, or deletes entries as needed to stay consistent with the Unified CCX configuration.

Voice over IP Monitor Service (Cisco Desktop VoIP Monitor Service (VoIP Monitor service))
The Voice over IP (VoIP) Monitor service enables supervisors to silently monitor agents. The service accomplishes this by "sniffing" network traffic for voice packets.
Multiple VoIP Monitor services can be installed in one logical contact center to ensure there is enough capacity to handle the number of agents.


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