Saving WAV files in CCITT U-Law format for Cisco Unified Call Centre Express UCCX Prompts using Audacity

Saving .WAV files for Cisco Unified Call Centre Express Prompts (UCCX) using Audacity

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  • Audacity can be used to create .WAV files in the CCITT U-Law 8-bit format required for Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express (UCCX) and other Cisco VOIP audio requirements.
  • Audacity is FREE for commercial use. Excerpt taken from Audacity’s website:
  • “Is Audacity really free? Why?
    Yes, Audacity is completely free, open source software. You are free to use this program for any personal, commercial, or educational purposes, including installing it on as many different computers as you wish.”
  • Record the audio however you see fit, Audacity can be used directly; however you can record in any application and open the file in Audacity later.
  • Once you have the file loaded in Audacity (or recorded), do the following:
  •  In Audacity, set the 'Project Rate (Hz)' in the bottom left hand corner to ‘8000’.

  • It is also important that you have it set to MONO (one channel only).
    This can be achieved by clicking on the drop down arrow of the track and selecting ‘Split Stereo to Mono’ and then clicking the ‘x’ on one of the now separated tracks.
  • Now it’s time to export the file…
  • Select 'File'.
  • Select 'Export'.
  • Change the 'Save as type' to 'Other uncompressed files' (yes, it’s a bit misleading as it will make a file that is a lot smaller than the 44000 Hz WAV equivalent - but it isn't actually compressed, simply less samples a second and therefore a smaller file size).
  • Click the 'Options' button (bottom right).
  • Select 'WAV (Microsoft)' for 'Header'.
  • Select 'U-Law' for 'Encoding'.
  •  Click 'OK'.
  •   Choose a name and enter it into 'File name' field (no need to enter the extension .WAV – it will automatically add it).
  •  Click 'Save'.
  • Click 'OK' to the 'Edit Metadata' screen (don't enter ANY metadata).
  • Load the file into UCCX (Applications > Prompt Management).
  • Update the Script and/or Application
  • Test
  • Should work a treat.
  • ALWAYS test uploading to a non-used ‘test Application’ before associating to the main ‘Application’ in UCCX.

Remember, if you don’t set 'Project Rate (Hz)' in the bottom left hand corner to ‘8000’ and don’t make it mono, choosing ‘WAV (Microsoft)’ and ‘U-Law’ won’t be enough!


If you're having super headache creating the files or are out and about and need to record a prompt quickly. You can use Cisco Unity Connection voicemail to email delivery.
I have my Cisco Unity Connection voicemails delivered to my email box.
Some times if I'm out and about and need a file recorded, I ring my work line, leave a voicemail to myself (or get someone else who wants the prompt done to do so) and the file that I'm emailed by CUC is suitable for the UC systems too. It's just a matter of uploading it to the system and refreshing, etc.
Have used this a couple of times when I've been at home and left my laptop and microphone (headset) at the office...worked a treat. I was able to edit in Audacity too (if required).


  1. Thanks, this was a life saver.

  2. On a Mac, anyways, this does not work. It produces a 16-bit file, not 8-bit. Will try again on a Windows system to see if that works as expected.

  3. Just tried now, and Windows does export it as an 8-bit file. Wonder why Mac uses a different format?

  4. It worked for me on Lion with 1.3.13...thanks!

  5. When I do this it saves it as 64 bit, but Cisco states it requires 8 bit. Are you saying other bit rates work on UCCX?

    I'm using the new beta version of Audacity (1.3.13-beta).

    Thanks for writing this blog and posting on the forum by the way.

    1. Hi Mark,

      I'm not really sure TBH. All I know is that when I follow these steps, I get a file that works on our UCCX, CUC, and CUCM systems (all 8.0(2)). Including the latest version of Audacity - as I recently re-imaged my machine and installed the latest version as of about beginning of July 2012 - still working well.

      These files also work on our ARC system too (receptionist console system).

      Another tip if you're having super headache creating the files - I have my Cisco Unity Connection voicemails deliver to my email box.
      Some times if I'm out and about and need a file recorded, I ring my work line, leave a voicemail with the recording and the file that I'm emailed is suitable for the UC systems too.


  6. Nice one, you've saved me a bother.
    (of course, if we didn't use this bloody phone system I wouldn't have this bother, but anyway...)

  7. Thanks for the great step-by-step advice - it worked like a charm.

  8. sndrec32.exe FTW. Comes with XP and works fine in Win7-64. The format above is one of the presets.

  9. Thanks for the tip.
    My issue with Sound Recorder is that you can't edit the files.
    After recording in SR, if you want to cut/paste/combine/equalise/erc. and still save in the correct format - Audacity works...and is free also. Audacity comes with some great features like silence generation to silence those deep breaths at the start of sentence, amplification, click removal, etc.
    In fact with Audacity, you can import MP3 and convert to the right format for MOH (providing you have the rights to do so).

  10. Confirmed that your instructions work with the Nextiva VOIP system as well! Thanks for saving me a ton of time!

  11. Fantastic. Thank you so much!!!!!


  13. Thanks for taking the time to share this info. It's VERY much appreciated!

  14. Great!
    Saved time and bandwidth:)

  15. You saved me a ton of work with this awesome tutorial!

  16. Great information, thanks! Solved my headache!

  17. Would not have figured that out on my own. Thank you for posting! --Sock Dreams

  18. Thanks you're a life saver

  19. Thank you got putting this online. It saved me from having to rerecord so many things.

  20. Trying this today. Thanks for the instructions!

  21. Thank you very much for this! It helped me greatly at work.

  22. Thanks for that. You are great!
    windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.3 worked for me :-)

  23. Your a life saver! I am raising my beer to you!

  24. You are a life saver! I am raising my beer to you!

  25. Thank you for publishing this!

  26. This works for ShoreTel as well!


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