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Saving WAV files in CCITT U-Law format for Cisco Unified Call Centre Express UCCX Prompts using Audacity

Saving .WAV files for Cisco Unified Call Centre Express Prompts (UCCX) using Audacity

Keywords: ccitt, ulaw, u-law, uccx, cisco, voip, wav, 8 bit, audacity, 8-bit, audio, call manager, call centre express, save as, prompt, prompts, recording. Audacity can be used to create .WAV files in the CCITT U-Law 8-bit format required for Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express (UCCX) and other Cisco VOIP audio requirements.Audacity is FREE for commercial use. Excerpt taken from Audacity’s website:“Is Audacity really free? Why?
Yes, Audacity is completely free, open source software. You are free to use this program for any personal, commercial, or educational purposes, including installing it on as many different computers as you wish.”Record the audio however you see fit, Audacity can be used directly; however you can record in any application and open the file in Audacity later. Once you have the file loaded in Audacity (or recorded), do the following:In Audacity, set the 'Project Rate (Hz)&#…