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Sunday, 27 December 2009

The definitive guide on how to create a candle with animated flame in RLC/Red Light Center/Utherverse

This tutorial assumes the that you have already created a standard 'Candle4' prop in your Zaby - which you, now, desperately want to add flamage to :)

Great, now that we have that out of the way, lets get flaming

1) In Utherverse/RLC, head over to your Zaby (if you don't know how to do this, you shouldn't be reading this article)

2) From your Zaby, enter Prop-Editor mode
- Click the Down Arrow
- Click 'Prop-Editor'

3) Next we need to select our pre-fab candle and select 'Properties'
- Roam about until you have your candle in view.
- Point your mouse cursor at the Candle in your view
- Right-click on your candle
- A menu appears
- Left-Click on 'Properties'

*** Note: If more than one object appear in the menu that appears, make sure you click on the properties for your candle!
Also, If you have difficulty clicking on your Candle in the viewport, then use the Object list in the Editor (image below shows which icon to click). Scroll down to the Candle, Right-Click on it there and select Properties


4) Left click on 'Script'

Then Left click on the 'Script' drop down (see below)

5) From the drop down list that appears, select 'Attach Animated Sprite'

6) Enter 'fire.spr' (without the '') into 'Sprite' (see below)

Oh no, there's nothing there!!! What's going on. The number one rule in life is what? Don't panic! That's right, so don't panic.
Believe it or not, the flame already exists, but due to positioning - it is currently hidden INSIDE the candle...woooot? Read on...

7) Enter 110 into 'Y Offset' (this is the up/down value)
"OMG, I can now see a flame...but it's microscopic" - refer to life's number one rule and don't panic!!!

Click on the down arrow (as indicated in the image below) to scroll down to see some more options.
Ahh, there it is, the magical 'Scale' option.

I find a good value to set this to is 20 (for your standard sized Candle4 prop) - so go ahead and enter 20 into 'Scale'
"Dang, I got me some flamage!"

8) Now - the most important step is to remember to always click on 'Save & Release'.This will make your changes stick

Some additional tips:

If you decide to 'Scale' up your candle to a larger size - YOU MUST REMEMBER to increase the value that you entered at 'Y Offset'(step 7).

For example, if you have a Candle4 prop that you have set the 'Scale Y'value to say '1.50' - then a good value for the 'Y Offset', under the 'Attach Animated Sprite' 'Script' section, would be about 155

It's all relative. The taller your candle, the higher the 'Y Offset' needs to be.

If you happen to make your candle fatter, in terms of the 'Scale Z' or 'Scale X' - then you will likely need to increase the value for 'Scale', under the 'Attach Animated Sprite' 'Script' section.

Under the 'Attach Animated Sprite' 'Script' section, the following should be kept in mind:

1) 'Scale' = Makes the flame larger or smaller - 20 is a good size, 1 is microscopic, 100 is huge.

2) 'X Offset' = Moves the flame along the X axis, generally left or right, relative to your avatar. 0 is really the best value here.

3) 'Y Offset' = Moves the flame up or down the Y axis, generally up or down, relative to your avatar. 0 will likely cause the flames to be hidden inside the object, 110 is generally good for standard sized candles, increase to higher values if you make your candle taller, or lesser if you make your candle shorter than default. If you can't see your flame, mess around with this value, increasing it until you can see the flames.

4) 'Z Offset' = Moves the flame along the Z axis, generally towards or away, relative to your Avatar. 0 is best for flames on candles. If you want flames in front of things, you can mess about with this value - you should have the idea by now.

Hope this helps, oh and always remember to 'Save & Release'

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