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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Outlook issue - 'File' menu has disappeared from emails that are openened from Inbox

The Issue:
  • When Outlook is open -> the 'File' menu is visible [good]
  • When a new email is created -> the 'File' menu is visible [good]
  • When an email from the Inbox is opened (double click) -> the 'File' menu has vanished [BAD]

The Solution:

  • Close Outlook
  • Start -> Search -> 'outcmd.dat' -> Search hidden & system folders -> locate the file
  • Rename 'outcmd.dat' to 'outcmd.old'
  • Open Outlook
  • Open an email from the Inbox
  • The 'File' menu should've returned -> Solved


PS. This fix was courtesy of Richdoode ( ) - thanks Richdoode - saved my bacon

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