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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Printing HTML format emails from Outlook issue - missing text on left margin/column

Hi All,

Do you ever have issues printing emails from Outlook - in particular HTML emails?

I had a case the other day - and recall having this issue in the past - where a user prints a HTML format email from Outlook and the entire left column/margin of 1 or 2 characters is mysteriously missing (or just not how you would expect).
When printing 'Plain Text' emails - they print without

Messing with all the margin and 'Page Setup' settings in Outlook brings no joy?

The reason is this....
Outlook calls on/uses IE (Internet Explorer) to print HTML format emails!!!

To fix the problem...

Open IE and go to Page Setup ('File' -> 'Page Setup' - or if using IE7 or greater - just click the drop down arrow next to the little printer icon at top right of tool bar and then choose 'Page Setup').
From here - make sure that the margin settings are all set to 19.05mm (0.75 inches) and select 'OK'
Note: You can also choose other options from here to suit your needs, e.g. paper size, landscape, etc.

Go back to Outlook
Print the document as normal - bingo - should print as desired...without the missing bit on the left!!!

PS. I forget - but Outlook might require an exit and reload after applying new settings in IE - I don't think so but if it doesn't work initially - try it.

I nearly forgot to mention.
Make sure that the 'default printer' in Internet Explorer (IE) is NOT a label printer or some non-existant printer.

Hope this helps..

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