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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Amit - Motherland - DnB with a basic 3D cartoon animation

Amit - "Motherland" - from the 12" Vinyl
Label: Commercial Suicide

Accompanied by a 3D cartoon animation by yours truly...a really basic 3D animation.

There's some pretty trippy fractal textured footage if you watch all the way thru.

The track is quite ambient/trance like with a middle eastern/eastern woman singing.

Curiosity never killed a cat,
Got us to the moon & back!
Then again, what's the moon?
...round & round & back again!

Choose your loop,
Spiral out!!!

PS. Fractal textures from Electric Sheep - the most kick ass screen saver can be found here -

NOTE: Please ignore the fact that it says "Sound Warrior" in the video - too many late nights - got the sides mixed up on the Vinyl. Arrrrg.
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Mandala el Ubby

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