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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Narwhals yeah.... blood flowz where ever needle-nose goes

This is my tribute to the awesomeness of this forum poster...

Pure awesomeness

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Ror-shak Deep Rox

Ror-shak: "Deep" is a killer album.
I kill this album. It's just too awesome!

is DB and DJ Stakka who have created a down-tempo, drum & bass, soulful chill, electronic mix.. a style not easily comparable with anything else.

The album features vocalists Julee Cruise, Lisa Shaw, Wendy Starland, Mark Holmes and Morningwood’s Chantal Claret.

Buy this album....

Friday, 5 September 2008

Cloverfield ... arrrrrrrrg

Hired Cloverfield a couple of days ago from the video store.....

Watched 5 minutes...needed to spew....skipped to the end...felt depressed and with a sense if incompleteness.

Don't bother watching this movie - even iron guts will be spewing.

Cloverfield in one paragraph...
War of the Worlds type theme - but no happy ending (or quality of story)
Blair Witch Project - but makes the camera work for Blair Witch look like still shots.

The only horror of this movie was the camera work and half baked Blair Witch effort.
The story could've been ok if done with decent cameras, widescreen, etc.

Blah blah.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Curiosity never killed a cat...

"Curiosity never killed a cat,
Got us to the moon & back!
Then again, what's the moon?
...round & round & back again!

Choose your loop,
Spiral out!!!" - BJ

Thursday, 14 August 2008

"This is just a ride" - Bill of my favourite quotes.

"The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills and it's very brightly coloured and it's very loud and it's fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question: "Is this real, or is this just a ride?" And other people have remembered, and they come back to us, they say, "Hey, don't worry, don't be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride." And we kill those people."
Bill Hicks

Monday, 4 August 2008

"No custom dictionary exists. Would you like to create one?" - Outlook

When doing a spell check in Outlook it comes up with a message saying "No custom dictionary exists. Would you like to create one?"

Go back to Outlook and create a new message...

From Outlook -> New (email message) -> type some rubbish into the email (e.g. "sdaasdhasdih" and select 'Check Spelling' - when the prompt comes up, click 'Options' -> 'Custom Dictionaries' - then check 'CUSTOM.DIC' in the list - selected 'OK' and the error should appear no more.

Hope this helps... :)

PS. Microsoft has some Regedit solution on their pages - but this worked so why mess with the registry if you don't have to? (Microsoft say... )

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Printing HTML format emails from Outlook issue - missing text on left margin/column

Hi All,

Do you ever have issues printing emails from Outlook - in particular HTML emails?

I had a case the other day - and recall having this issue in the past - where a user prints a HTML format email from Outlook and the entire left column/margin of 1 or 2 characters is mysteriously missing (or just not how you would expect).
When printing 'Plain Text' emails - they print without

Messing with all the margin and 'Page Setup' settings in Outlook brings no joy?

The reason is this....
Outlook calls on/uses IE (Internet Explorer) to print HTML format emails!!!

To fix the problem...

Open IE and go to Page Setup ('File' -> 'Page Setup' - or if using IE7 or greater - just click the drop down arrow next to the little printer icon at top right of tool bar and then choose 'Page Setup').
From here - make sure that the margin settings are all set to 19.05mm (0.75 inches) and select 'OK'
Note: You can also choose other options from here to suit your needs, e.g. paper size, landscape, etc.

Go back to Outlook
Print the document as normal - bingo - should print as desired...without the missing bit on the left!!!

PS. I forget - but Outlook might require an exit and reload after applying new settings in IE - I don't think so but if it doesn't work initially - try it.

I nearly forgot to mention.
Make sure that the 'default printer' in Internet Explorer (IE) is NOT a label printer or some non-existant printer.

Hope this helps..

Thursday, 24 July 2008

The current time on this computer and the current time on the network are different

Hi All, FYI and future reference…

When trying to login to Windows and you receive the error “The current time on this computer and the current time on the network are different. For more information about Date/Time Properties, see Help and Support. To log on, contact your system administrator.”

The problem is that somehow the system time/date has been changed (probably from the time/date control found in the Windows “tray” in bottom right corner) and then logged off or who knows…none the less…

Get the user to unplug their network cable and then log into the system!
They will then be logged in with cached credentials.
Once logged in, plug the cable back in, and get them to restart the pc.
This should reset the time.
If this fails - repeat the process again - but this time get them to change the date to the current date when logged in and before the cable is plugged in.

If this method fails on both the following at own risk (not much risk if you know the BIOS - but don't change anything but that which I mention or risk losing your setup)....

The solution is to reboot the machine and enter the “system setup” (aka BIOS) by pressing the key appropriate to your machine e.g. F1, F2, DEL, etc. when the PC is first started.
From here – you should be able to change the DATE to "today’s" date.

Be aware that some BIOS's use the US date format – MM/DD/YYYY.

Follow the instructions in or around the BIOS environment on how to navigate around and then change the date.

When that's done – save and exit (choose yes).

The system will reboot and the you should be able to login to Windows successfully.

Hope this helps... :)

Autocad 2008 scroll wheel not working

I had an issue with a client today where their mouse would work all through Windows - Office, IE, etc.

When they ran Autocad 2008 - the mouse would work, they could select things, they could press menu buttons, you name it - but the damn scroll wheel and middle button did not all.

In this instance the mouse was an IBM MO28UO USB wheel mouse - and my own mouse (Cherry) does not have the same Control Panel as the IBM - but you may find the issue is similar or related...

The problem was caused by the type of scroll wheel emulation used by Windows.

The solution...
Go to the following START -> Control Panel -> Mouse (Classic View) -> 'Wheel' or 'Scroll Wheel' tab...
The default setting in there was with 'Enable Universal Scrolling' checked.

Then from here you need to select 'Exceptions' -> 'Add' -> 'Browse'.
Find the Autocad program - in my case it was 'C:\Autodesk Autocad 2008\acad.exe' - but best to browse and find it yourself.

Then 'Ok' / 'Apply' all the way out (including out of the original Mouse Control Panel so that you are back to the actual Control Panel)

Then re-start Autocad 2008 (if you were still in Autocad 2008 - exit and re-start Autocad 2008) - problem solved.

By putting 'acad.exe' in the 'Enable Universal Scrolling' exceptions - it forces 'acad.exe' to use 'Microsoft Office 97 Scrolling Emulation Only' - which seems to work with Autocad 2008.

NOTE: This was for the IBM Mouse only...may work with other mice - but the options are not available in my own mouse control panel (Cherry brand). In this case - the mouse was the IBM MO28UO USB wheel mouse - but like I said - if this fixed it - it's likely a similar setting with your mouse.

Also - you could always use another mouse - in this case the client swapped the IBM for a Dell mouse which he borrowed from a colleague and it worked immediately - it was an issue with the IBM Mouse Control Panel Settings. Rather than swap the mouse - check the control panel.

It may also help to know about this option when the scroll wheel won't work in some apps, but will work in others...

Hopefully it solves your problem or at least points you in the right direction :)

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Amit - Motherland - DnB with a basic 3D cartoon animation

Amit - "Motherland" - from the 12" Vinyl
Label: Commercial Suicide

Accompanied by a 3D cartoon animation by yours truly...a really basic 3D animation.

There's some pretty trippy fractal textured footage if you watch all the way thru.

The track is quite ambient/trance like with a middle eastern/eastern woman singing.

Curiosity never killed a cat,
Got us to the moon & back!
Then again, what's the moon?
...round & round & back again!

Choose your loop,
Spiral out!!!

PS. Fractal textures from Electric Sheep - the most kick ass screen saver can be found here -

NOTE: Please ignore the fact that it says "Sound Warrior" in the video - too many late nights - got the sides mixed up on the Vinyl. Arrrrg.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Loops (synchronicity)

Does anyone else notice the loops getting smaller & smaller, faster & faster?
It seems everyday now I'm seeing loops in life - from 5 seconds to a week apart...and anywhere inbetween!

Just 1 example is where only last night (Fri 8 Feb '08) while exploring Myspace - we stumbled on the site of a BBW (big beautiful woman). Someone in the room commented (very politically incorrectly) that she "looked like Marshmallow man" (Ghostbusters). Not an insult - an observation. A discussion followed in relation to Marshmallow man, the BBW, & Ghostbusters & a fair bit of energy placed into it. Anyway - after a late night of beer drinking & coffee (what a combination) - we got to bed sometime today. After hours of sleeping we woke up, reached for the TV remote (note that while we have a TV in the room, we rarely watch it), and switched on the TV. Who else is on the TV guessed it...Marshmallow man! Huh!
Sure - Ghostbusters is on the TV regularly...but to switch on to the Marshmallow man scene - without so much as a glance at a TV guide or even any knowledge that it was going to be on today.

I must mention that the person who noted the Marshmellow man resemblance & began the whole event/loop happened to be the person who switched on the TV. It seems that the loops, while being visible to & experienced by others, belong to the individual. Comments??

This is happening so hardcore.

How do we use these loops to our advantage? How do we break out of the loops that we notice & don't want to be a part of?

Is this looping a form of psychic ability? or is simply tapping into the collective energy/consciousness which operates outside of time?

Are we simply an oscillating point of light with memory?

The "big bang"...are we creatures in a universe formed by the "big bang", awaiting it's eventual destruction?
...Or are WE the "big bang" creating & destroying universes in an infinite loop.

Will update with some more examples later or as they come - 2 busy right now.

Any comments would be appreciated!

More examples:
Last night (Sat 9 Feb '08) while setting up the projector for a stint of movie enjoyment - my girly decided to do my head in with a little budget alarm clock I picked up in last years 'secret santa'. She set it off and was waving it around near my head & then stashed it under the bed out of my reach so it would get to me! .....It did!!! I lost it...and lets just say the alarm clock will never sound another sound in my lifetime & my foot hurts a little from the sharp fragments of plastic that nearly penetrated it. Anyway - I settled down (I really dislike alarm clocks) & we watched 'No country for old men'. I then retired for the night.
When I woke up - my girly was still ticking away at her PC so I started to look around on my HDD for something interesting to watch. Sifting thru the folders - I found a Spongebob Squarepants collection my roomy had slung me recently. Not having seen a single episode (of Squarepants...full stop) - I opened a random episode (not even looking at the title). My girly heard the intro music & came to lie with me & watch. And what dya know!! It was an episode where Patrick Starfish was being sent spare by his alarm clock...I mean he went bonkers with it. A whole chunk of the episode (or file that I happened to open) was him running rampant about this alarm clock that was sending him spare.
(Just checked...the episode is called 'Rise & Shine' from 'Spongebob Friend or Foe' for any who wants to watch it)

Please note that while the 1st example & this example both involve TV - the loops are far from limited to this. In fact - most occur without any link to TV at all. When I remember more examples - will add.

[Notes to self]
Hannah Montana cinebuzz
Opposable thumbs
Fake Hypnotic LSD swirly thing
Blue planet - Ellen & Parky (D.A)
Wine Kone - Spontaneous Combustion (spelling?) hand puppets

Mandala el Ubby

Mandala el Ubby
Acrylic on canvas ~75cm x 75cm

Lateralus Vinyl Picture Disc

Lateralus Vinyl Picture Disc
Best album ever....ever.....ever....ehem

I procure heaps o fashizniz from Amazon, why don't you?