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Monday, 22 October 2007

Banned from Stickam?? I know how to easily unban!!

Have those loser mods at banned you from going live [go live] for crackers???
Did they invade your privacy by watching your "private" room?

Stress no more - this is how to get around it.

You will most likely need to create a new Stickam account with a new email address (hotmail is easy & quick to setup). You may also need to reset your modem/router to renew your IP (as mentioned at the bottom - I cant confirm if this is a requirement - I dont think so - but if all esle fails).

Anyway - do the following:

-Log/sign in to Stickam.

-Click on "Go Live".

-What's that? "Banned 1016"? Huh what a joke!!!

-Click ok or cross off the "banned 1016" popup.

-Right click on the video window & click "settings" then select the "Local Storage" tab (see below).

-Drag the slider down to zero (the far left).

-It will prompt you "Decreasing the amount below xx will cause all information for to be removed - OK / CANCEL" - ah doooosh. Of course we want to remove all of Stickams half baked banning info. Select "OK".

-It will take you back to the Local Storage screen again. Click "Close".

-Exit your cam room "Go Live" session.

-Click "Go Live" again - what? What? What's that Stickam? Booyah - no more ban!!

-Stick that up your kam!!

PS. I change the settings again to allow Stickam ~100k of storage. Not sure if it's needed but I keep there in case. If I get banned - I will just clear the data again.

And there you have it - can't believe how easy it was.

As a matter of interest - I originally tried the whole renew IP thing by switching the Router off/reconnect to the internet/etc. - several times - with no success. It was only when I did this that I had success.

Hope this helps :)

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